Bags & tubing to meet the toughest demands

Plastic Bags Canada

    * Mining                                                          * Powder coating                                              * Photography

    * Analytical Labs                                            * Pipe & Fittings                                                * Healthcare

    * Apparel Manufacturing                                * Meat & Poultry                                                * Pet Stores

    * Powder Coating                                           * Wood Finishing                                              * Packaging

    * Injection Moulding                                       * Soil & Gardening                                            * T.V. & Film

Dyna Flex is able to provide packaging solutions for many different industries. If you have any poly bag/tubing requirements we are able to custom make our bags and tubing to your specs. We specialize in small and large production runs for both plain and printed bags. We are able to print up to 6 colors! Our poly tubing manufacturing capabilities goes from 2" to whatever size you may need. We are able to handle and service a wide product range. Please let us know how we can help!

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                Below is a listing of just a few of the industries we supply product to.